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At Rodrock Chiropractic, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic care to each and every patient. We have included information below about the different chiropractic services offered in our Baldwin City chiropractic office, but please call us at 785-594-4894 if you have any questions!


Parents, your children are not immune to vertebral subluxation. I'm sure you would agree that children are harder on their bodies than adults. Many children receive their first vertebral subluxation during the birthing process.

Children tumble and fall all day long and they suffer from emotional and chemical stresses that are placed on their nervous system. The nervous system maintains and controls all functions of the body, so it makes sense to keep your child's nervous system as healthy as possible.
Adjustments given to children are safe and gentle and different from those given to adults. In fact, children feel just as good as you do after an adjustment. So, it's no wonder they enjoy coming to see this doctor. Chiropractic care ensures the best of health and well being for all ages.

Back Pack Safety

A study, published in the medical journal Spine, found that the use of backpacks during the school day - and the weights of the backpacks - are associated with back pain. Another study, presented during a meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine, concluded that children hunch their bodies forward and lower their heads to accommodate the burden of wearing heavy backpacks.

This news comes as no surprise to the ACA, which has educated the public for years about backpack "ergonomics." In fact, the ACA believes the issue is so important that it passed a resolution urging schools across the country to put textbooks on CD-ROM - so children won't need to lug heavy books in their backpacks.

"This new back pain trend among kids isn't surprising when you consider the amounts of weight they carry in their backpacks - often slung over one shoulder," said Dr. Scott Bautch of the ACA's Council on Occupational Health and a noted ergonomics expert. "Many of these kids are carrying a quarter of their body weight over their shoulders for a large portion of the day. That's the equivalent of a 180-pound man carrying around a 45-pound load. "

Luckily, backpacks have undergone a radical evolution since their rather humble origins - with many backpacks now designed ergonomically to reduce stress on a child's body. Years ago traditional schoolbags, many of which were nothing more than sacks, were the rage. But the backpack of today has adapted to keep up with our changing lives. Kids not only pack heavy schoolbooks into their backpacks, many of them also strap popular electronic devices -- such as laptops, cellular phones, MP3 players, CD players, and personal digital assistants (PDA) -- into specially designed compartments inside their backpacks that distribute the weight more evenly.

But even ergonomically designed backpacks must be worn properly and not overloaded with unnecessary items, says the ACA. Backpacks should not weigh more than 10 percent of a child's body weight, they should have wide, padded straps, and should be worn over both shoulders. For more information see Backpack Safety America


Chiropractic if you are pregnant?

Absolutely! Keeping your spine free from the vertebral subluxation complex is one of the best things you can do if you are pregnant. If there's one group of people who need chiropractic spinal checkups more than any other, it's pregnant women. Pregnant women are taking more responsibility for their bodies: reading more, asking more questions, eating better, exercising more and exploring ways of optimizing health. Chiropractic care should be considered an essential part of the pregnant woman's health care regimen.

All this is extremely important for the pregnant woman who needs to have her body as healthy and strong as possible in order to handle the rigors of pregnancy and childbirth. Chiropractic care will help ensure that the reproductive and other systems so essential for a healthy pregnancy receive an un-interfered with nerve supply from the spinal column. The slightest interference to the nerve supply could adversely affect the mother and the developing fetus. This clinic uses very low force techniques to adjust expecting mothers and babies.


Sports and chiropractic have a long history together. There have been numerous studies on the benefits of chiropractic adjustments and how it relates to a better performance on the field.

Adjustments improve reaction times, better eye-hand coordination, smaller blind spots, and of course better ranges of motion (which means more speed).

But the most important of them all is: if the spine is sitting in proper alignment, there is less likely a chance of getting hurt.

Athletes who use Chiropractic:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Emmitt Smith
Joe Montana
Lance Armstrong
Bruce Jenner
John Stockton
Brett Butler
Rocky Marciano
Franco Columbo
Ryne Sandberg
Robert Parish
John McEnroe
And many more!!



Any automobile accident, major or minor can have a great influence on the integrity and the structure of the spinal column. The first order of business after an automobile accident is controlling those life-threatening situations such as hemorrhages, breathing difficulties, broken bones, etc. These and other medical emergencies are specialties of emergency medicine.

Whiplash is a modern and a serious injury to the neck and spine caused by the sudden violent snapping forward of the head and neck then followed by a backward whipping type motion of the head. This impact puts tremendous strain on the neck resulting in torn muscles and stretched ligaments and spinal damage. The force of an impact during an automobile accident, even if safely buckled in, can be transmitted from the automobile and absorbed by the spine of the occupants, causing spinal subluxations.

These spinal misalignments may take months or even years to surface. By then you may not even associate the neck stiffness, persistent headaches, dizziness, burning between the shoulder blades, numbness or tingling sensations in the hands or the reduced ability to turn or bend your neck, with the real cause, that fender bender which has long been fixed.

Spinal misalignments that are created in the spine during an accident often remain in the body and prevent you from healing properly. This is another reason why so many people say that "they just haven't felt right since the accident," and also why they may continue not to feel right for months or even years after an automobile accident. Approximately 85% of all disorders involving the neck have been the result of automobile accidents. Whiplash can also occur with other traumatic events such as roller-coaster rides or wrestling around. If left untreated the condition will only worsen.

If you or anyone you know has been in an automobile accident, even if there's no obvious symptoms right away, they should be examined by a qualified Chiropractic physician. The damage from spinal misalignments may take months or even years to surface and an examination today could save an automobile accident victim from much pain and illness later in life.

Chiropractic care can be the difference between true recovery, healing and strength or lingering pain, sickness and disability.


Scoliosis is tragic. It causes both physical pain and emotional suffering. This sideways bending of the spine shows up as abnormal posture and then finally, deformity. If allowed to advance, it can interfere with the lungs, heart and many other vital organs.

There is Hope!

Scoliosis affects boys and more frequently, girls between the ages of 8 and 18. The cause varies. Some are born with this spinal deviation (congenital). Others get it from assuming a distorted head or hip position (habitual). Sadly, in many cases the cause is still unknown. In the beginning, when it is easiest to correct, there are rarely symptoms. However, an alert parent may notice that a high shoulder or low hip makes clothing fit poorly. Back and leg pains may develop but are often overlooked as merely "growing pains."

Neglect is the biggest danger. If allowed to run its course, scoliosis can steadily worsen. Early detection is critical. Severe cases can involve surgery. This procedure attaches steel rods to the spine to force it to straighten. Chiropractic care has helped many young women avoid the unhappy effects of scoliosis. The procedure is simple.

First, a thorough examination helps detect scoliosis in its early stage. Then, corrective action can begin at once. The primary course of care is a program of specific chiropractic adjustments. These help improve the function and structure of the spine. Muscles strengthen. Posture can improve. Chiropractic care has helped countless young women reclaim their health, posture and their self-esteem.

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